Discrimination in the workplace can take a number of types such as disability, race, age and sex. This post aims to appear at some of the problems surrounding sex discrimination in the workplace, such as what it is, what your rights are and what to do if  you feel that you have been a victim of sex discrimination.

Sex discrimination happens when an employee is treated significantly less favourably in the workplace due to the fact of their gender. Getting treated significantly less favourably consists of getting significantly less spend, significantly less favourable functioning circumstances, or fewer probabilities for promotion. The Equality Act 2010 seeks to present protection to workers from sex discrimination and tends to make it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee due to the fact of sex. This applies, of course, in equal measure to each guys and lady.

Personnel have a correct not to be treated differently (due to the fact of their sex) with regard to matters such as recruitment, employment terms and circumstances, spend and rewards, instruction, promotion and transfer possibilities, redundancy and dismissal.

Males and lady who are employed to carry out operate of a equivalent nature – referred to as ‘like work’ – are entitled to equal spend. It is frequently advantageous for employers to carry out an audit of the providers spend structure to make sure that they are not falling foul of these guidelines.

If you feel you might have been topic to sex discrimination at operate, what must you do? It would be advisable to firstly have some informal discussions with your employer to attempt and resolve the matter. If this fails, you are inside your rights to make a claim at an Employment Tribunal for discrimination. You must not be concerned about losing your job as, if your employer had been to attempt and dismiss you basically on the grounds that you have produced a claim for sex discrimination to an Employment Tribunal, your employer could then face a claim of Unfair Dismissal.

In some distinct situations, an employer might present particular instruction courses and so forth to a single sex rather than an additional if this can be verified to be in the course of taking ‘positive action’. For instance, an employer can take ‘positive action’ if they at present have no ladies managers and want to encourage ladies to apply for these positions or present them management instruction which will equip them to do so.

In summary, sex discrimination in the operate spot should be taken seriously, and it is essential that each employer and employee requires actions to resolve the problems when a case of sex discrimination has been identified, or if an employee has genuine issues that this form of discrimination might be taking spot.