The Republic of Kosovo Courtroom of Appeals on Wednesday upheld the acquittal of modern Deputy Critical Minister Fatmir Limaj on war crimes bills.

Limaj experienced been accused of committing war crimes during the Kosovo War in 1998. At the time, Limaj served as a commander of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) . The accusation claimed that Limaj, as commander, did not do sufficient to reduce the murder of two ethnic Albanians citizens by end users of the KLA.

The appeals court docket uncovered no miscalculation in the acquittal verdict generally due to the fact no substantive evidence was introduced from Limaj.

The EU Rule of Legislation Mission in Kosovo and the International Jail Tribunal for the past Yugoslavia previously attempted to convict Limaj of war crimes from Serbs and Albanians supporting Serbian rule of Kosovo. Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008.