In Forsyth County, Georgia the main market is poultry farming. Forsyth County is about 40 miles from Atlanta. If you are an African-American you can cross these county lines in the course of daylight hours but not in the course of the evening. No non-whites had been permitted to reside in Forsyth in 1987…did you consider this was ahead of the 60’s? It was 1987, can you think it? Only 18 years ago.

On January 17, 1987 a march took location to peacefully inform Forsyth residents to wake up and join the rest of the nation, it was not the 1950’s any longer. The original planner did not march…possibly the purpose for his withdraw was numerous death threats?? Ninety persons participated in that initially “non-violent” march in Forsyth. They had been pelted with rocks and bottles. The marchers had been so overwhelmed by the violent attacks of angry whites, such as members of the Ku Klux Klan that they could not continue. The ignorant believed they had gained a victory but did not understand the complete nation saw how ridiculous they had been.

An additional peaceful march was scheduled for January 24th, 1987. A colleague of mine and I, planned to participate. This march was to be led by Hosea Williams and Coretta Scott King. Individuals from all more than the nation drove or flew to Atlanta to participate in this march. There had been renowned faces and college students from far away. Most met at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Transform, exactly where we waited to board 1 of the 100 buses waiting to take us to Forsyth. Seventy further buses came from other places. As we approached Forsyth County, I started to get nervous. These persons had been critical and their backwards mentality was frightening, in particular when we saw a dummy hanging from a bridge and several racial hatred indicators. The dummy was produced up to appear like a black man becoming lynched. Confederate flags had been everywhere. I consider it was that moment that it genuinely struck me that these persons had been not typical.

Following the buses reached their location, we got off and had been organized into lines, 1 following the other. We had been offered security directions, told to lock arms if the going got hard and we had been also told to stay quiet, even when yelled at by counter- demonstrators. I could not comprehend the quantity of hatred that we had been greeted with. You could really feel it in the air. We had to be protected by males with uniforms. There had been 20,000 marchers and only two,000 counter-demonstrators. I consider Forsyth was a tiny shocked at the numbers. The marchers had been protected by three,000 lawmen such as National Guardsmen. One particular-third of the marchers had been white. We had a 1-mile journey ahead of us.

It was a terrifying 1 mile stroll. Correct hatred was in the air. I am not utilised to that feeling. The worry and disbelief had been overwhelming. Disbelief, simply because it was like watching a documentary on T.V. about the 60’s not true life in the late 80’s…a time machine practical experience. Coming from above was the sound of numerous press helicopters and of course, the yelling of the counter-demonstrators, otherwise points had been silent. I consider the rest of the marchers had been as shocked as I was, every person in their personal tiny globe of stunned awe but every continuing to stroll. I knew I was apart of history. This was the biggest civil rights march in twenty years.

Involving us and them had been three,000 diverse forms of lawmen. It was a sight I will never ever overlook. Marchers as far as the eye could see. National Guardsmen outfitted with fatigues, helmets with face guards and riot sticks. Goofs on the other side of the lawmen in white robes and pointy hats or persons draped in confederate flags. They looked a tiny like cartoon characters but frightening characters like Cruella DeVille.

Just about every main and minor news network was represented. There was even a crew from Germany. Yes, the rest of the globe saw that America has locations exactly where ignorant racism guidelines. One particular reporter from Birmingham attempted to report on the march and was immediately covered with spit and mud. She was not white.

To give you an concept of the mentality of the counter- demonstrators, right here are a handful of shining citizen quotes:

  • One particular man mentioned, “Thank God for James Earl Ray (MLK Jr.’s assassin.)”
  • “I do not thoughts blacks functioning right here, I just do not want them living by me.”
  • “I carried out gone by way of this as soon as. Never no one rub practically nothing in my face.”
  • “I am right here to demand that white persons have the similar rights as blacks. We think in equal rights but n_ _ _ _ _ _ want it all.”
  • One particular brilliant lady carried a sign that study, “Go House, Niger.”

The predominant attaire of the counter-demonstrators was army fatigues, T-shirts marketing beer or wine coolers, plaid flannel, confederate flag put on and an occasional Nazi swastika.

This day was peaceful for the most portion. There had been 60 arrests…all counter-demonstrators, this incorporates the infamous David Duke. Only 1 incident of rock throwing took location and it was immediately ended by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Only two demonstrators had been injured in the course of the march. One particular man was hit by a brick a counter-demonstrator threw and an additional lady was struck with a pipe. One particular African American man suffered minor cuts when an anti-demonstrator smashed a concrete block into the windshield of his auto following the march.

No 1 appears to realize how vital this day was to me. Exactly where are you Maggie? I overcame my worry, stepped way out of my comfort zone and most importantly, felt like I did a thing meaningful. I was portion of generating a distinction.